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"That's Longclaw. She took care of me. She was basically Obi-Wan Kenobi, if Obi-Wan Kenobi had a beak and ate mice."

Longclaw was Sonic's guardian figure on his planet. She guarded his power from anybody trying to capture it. One day, the Echidna Tribe hunted Sonic back to Longclaw's home, causing a chase that ended with Longclaw's fall and Sonic travelling to Earth through a ring.


Raising Sonic

Longclaw lived on her planet, on a tropical island. As an adult, she adopted and raised Sonic, an orphaned hedgehog. Recognizing the value of Sonic's enhanced speed and special powers, she constantly warned him to keep his existence a secret.[2]

Attack of the Echidna Tribe

One day, Sonic came home to Longclaw, bringing her a yellow flower he had picked. Longclaw immediately noticed that Sonic had been tracked however, spotting the Echidna Tribe with bows drawn behind him. She quickly shut the door, and covered Sonic as arrows flew through windows and pelted the walls of her home. As the echidnas drew closer, she flew out of the building carrying Sonic.

As Longclaw was flying away, she was struck by one of the echidna's arrows, sending her to the ground. She told Sonic that his power made him a target to everyone he would ever meet. She threw a ring, telling him to go to a planet on the far side of the universe. She directed him to use the bag of rings that she had given him if he were ever to be caught. Sonic reluctantly agreed, running through the portal. As Longclaw was still being approached by the Echidna Tribe, Sonic was concerned about her safety. He tried to run back through the ring, but it disintegrated before he could make it through, leaving him, in fear, to question what had happened to his early parental figure.[2]


  • Sonic's comparison of Longclaw to Obi-Wan Kenobi is a reference to the character from the Star Wars films.

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