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"I'm Sonic, a little ball of super energy in an extremely handsome package!"

Sonic is a blue hedgehog from a far planet who traveled to Earth to escape the Echidna Tribe. After living in Green Hills for much of his life, he accidentally created an energy surge which disabled power throughout the entire Pacific Northwest region. Shortly after, he lost his rings during a confrontation with Tom Wachowski, requiring him to venture to San Francisco while being hunted by the United States Armed Forces.


Early Life

Hunted for His Powers

"I was born with extraordinary powers, and was told to keep them secret. And like any kid, I did the exact opposite."

Sonic was raised on an island in his youth, sharing a home with his parental figure, Longclaw. He spent his childhood running across the island using his extraordinarily quick speed, claiming that he could run across the island in less than two seconds. In doing this, he also avoided the sights of several groups that wished to capture him for his powers.

Sonic handing Longclaw a flower moments before their separation

One day, while partaking in his daily routine, he is spotted by members of the Echidna Tribe, unknowingly leading them back to Longclaw’s Home. As Sonic awakened and greeted Longclaw with a flower, the Echidnas prepared to fire their arrows from behind. Noticing this, Longclaw told Sonic to get down and quickly shut the door behind him. As the arrows flew into the building, Longclaw prepared to escape, grabbing Sonic. With him in claw, she soared out of the house, and was barraged with arrows. The arrow of Pachacamac then hits Longclaw, sending her and Sonic to the ground.[1]

Separated from Longclaw

"You have a power unlike anything I have ever seen, and that means someone will always want it. The only way to stay safe is to stay hidden."
Longclaw to Sonic[src]

As the Echidna Tribe approached them from the ground, Longclaw gave Sonic a bag of rings, while telling him that to stay safe, he must stay hidden from those who will hunt him. She then threw a ring, and told Sonic to travel Earth, a planet on the far side of the universe. In reluctance and fear, Sonic eventually runs through the portal.

Sonic is officially alone

As the tribe closed in from the other side, Sonic regretted his decision immediately and tried to run back through, however, the portal closed and disintegrated as he made contact, with Longclaw having said her final goodbye. Sonic was then left in fear of his new life without parental guidance.[1]

Life on Earth

Sonic reading comics

As Sonic was now stranded on Earth, he created a home in a cave underneath the forest by Green Hills, Montana. Here, he spent most of his days playing around with collectibles from the area, including several stolen signs, an inflatable guitar, a collection of The Flash comics. From above the nearby mountain, he watched over the townspeople while never actually interacting with them, as he had to keep his existence a secret. Some individuals who he particularly liked were Tom Wachowski, the town's sheriff, and Maddie Wachowski, his wife and a student veterinarian.

Sonic standing over Green Hills, Montana

Despite this, he did toy with certain townspeople that he was fond of, including Carl, who was mocked and would become infamous in the town for touting Sonic's existence as "the blue devil". One night, Carl set up several bear traps and whirligigs in order to catch Sonic. He placed batteries at the center of one of the traps. As Carl rose from his sleep and began to look around at his scene, Sonic quickly pieced together the puzzle Carl had been using to entertain himself, baffling Carl. When Carl then heard the bear traps going off, he quickly ran towards them hoping that he had caught Sonic. When he saw Sonic run past the trap that he had placed the batteries into, he became very angry and disappointed that he had failed at catching him once again. Sonic then lured him toward the whirligigs, which Carl walked over straight into his rope trap. Carl, now hanging upside down from a tree, yelled out that he knew Sonic was real, to which Sonic taunted him by claiming he wasn't. Sonic then drank Carl's soda, much to the owner's dismay.[2]

The next day, Carl showed a sketch of the "blue devil" that he had almost caught the previous night to a group at a local bar, which included Sheriff Tom Wachowski. Believing him to be on drugs, Tom escorted Carl out of the building and drove him home.[3]

Sonic hiding behind Tom's car

During an action-less day of highway patrol for Tom Wachowski, Sonic began to toy with him. Sonic ran past the front of the car at 296 miles per hour, confusing Tom as he inspected whether his radar gun was broken or not. He ran past the front once again, now at 300 miles per hour. In complete disbelief, Tom exited his car and investigated the scene, where he found one of Sonic's quills laying in a bush. After Tom had left, Sonic looked back, noticing that a turtle was about be run over by an incoming vehicle. He quickly grabbed it off of the road and warned it to be more careful. Sonic then wondered if the turtle was simply tired of being slow for its life. He began to run with it across the highway, though he accidentally dropped it and had to quickly retrieve it out of the air. He then placed it on the forest ground near his cave.

While watching a movie one night through the window of the Wachowski Residence, Sonic realized how lonely he was not being able to actually interact with the people he had spent his entire life spying on and toying with.

Tracked by the Army

"You have to help me!"
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Sonic standing on the baseball field after the power outage

One night, Sonic used his super speed to play round of baseball all by himself and realized just how lonely he really was. He tried to run off his frustrations but ran so fast that he caused an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out power across the Pacific Northwest. This catches the attention of the United States Department of Defense who decide to acquire help from the deranged genius Doctor Robotnik in seeking out what caused the outage.

Sonic hiding from the government

Sonic immediately becomes distraught as government soldiers begin to comb the area near his cave and reluctantly decides to initiate his back up plan: use a Gold Ring to travel to a seemingly barren planet covered with gigantic mushrooms. Sonic quickly packs the equipment he wants to take but feels it is not safe to open a portal with government soldiers closing in on his location. He instead races into the Wachowski backyard shed to use a Ring, but is discovered by Tom Wachowski who shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. As Sonic passes out, he mumbles the location on Tom's shirt, San Francisco, which opens actives a Warp Ring to the city before he accidentally drops his bag of Rings through it.

Sonic's unconscious body in Tom's house

Sonic soon awakens inside the Wachowski household and convinces Tom to help him stay hidden from his pursuers just as Robotnik arrives at the front door. Tom tries to hoax Robotnik into leaving as Sonic hides in the attic, but the doctor uses his airborne robot drones to scan the property, forcing the hedgehog to go downstairs to avoid detection. However, when Sonic discovers that Tom was in danger, he reveals himself to Robotnik to save Wachowski's life. Tom uses this distraction to knock Robotnik unconscious before Sonic stops a robot drone from shooting them by hopping into and destroying it.

Sonic using his speed to win the bar fight

Although the pair manage to drive out of Greens Hills safely, Tom pulled over to part ways with Sonic, despite the latter having no idea where he must go to reclaim his bag of Rings. He makes a single attempt going to San Francisco on his own using super speed but is unsuccessful, so he persuades Tom to drive him there. On the way, they stop at a bar where Sonic decides to make a bucket list of all the things he wants to do before leaving Earth. He begins to fulfill his list with Tom's help until they soon get involved in a bar fight that Sonic finishes by rearranging things to his advantage within seconds.

Sonic and Tom at an inn

Sonic and Wachowski stay the night at an inn before continuing their trip the next day. However Robotnik hones in on their location and sends a remote-controlled truck to stop them. The truck launches a harpoon into Tom's car, causing Sonic to get out and attempt to stop the truck. He tries approaching the pursuing vehicle but looses his footing just as he suddenly builds up energy. Sonic rolls into a ball it protect himself and bowls over the truck on its side. Unfortunately, another vehicle soon emerges from the trucks wreckage to continue the chase. This vehicle fires EMP discs to slow the heroes down, but Sonic uses them to get on top of their pursuer and uses one to disable it. The remote-controlled vehicle separates again only to be spun out by Tom, causing a frustrated Robotnik to deploy a miniature drone to eliminate them. The drone cuts the roof off Tom's car with a laser before Sonic manages to grab it. But the drone to get stuck on his hand and trigger a self-destruct mechanism, leaving him with little time to dispose of it. Sonic succeeds of getting rid of the explosive device just in time but is rendered unconscious when he is blown away by the blast.

Arrival In San Francisco

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Jojo gives Sonic new shoes

Tom quickly carries the injured Sonic into his car and drives to Rachel's house, where Maddie has been staying. Rachel and Maddie are very angry that Tom is being hunted down by the government, and to make things worse, Maddie has no idea how to treat Sonic's wounds due to him being a alien. Rachel's daughter Jojo makes Sonic new shoes after noticing how torn up his current shoes are.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Speed: Sonic can move at a great, undetermined speed, where his perspective is in slow-motion. This allows him to clear upside-down loops, and jump large distances in his momentum.
    • Accelerated Perception: Sonic has a reaction time that is fast enough to counter an incoming laser moving at near lightspeed.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Sonic is able to conjure electricity from his body when experiencing strong emotions.


  • Drop Dash: Sonic can perform a falling roll that greatly increases his speed and allows him to break through objects.



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